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If you're fed up with driving for miles to meet your dates, try dating in Aberdeen for local singles! Stay in your hometown and discover new ways to make a date memorable and romantic. Sometimes it's tempting to think that you must spend a fortune on a top class restaurant in order to impress, but in fact, it is often the thought that goes into a date that makes the most impact. Aberdeen dating is the starting point, but the destination is up to you.

Ideas For Dating In Aberdeen

Dating ideas for an outdoor type could be visiting the dramatic ruins of Dunottar Castle, home to outlaws or the dreamy spires of Craigievar Castle. Take your date to the towers of Craigievar Castle which were thought to have inspired Walt Disney's fairytale castle. Alternatively, if it's too cold, why not stroll around Duthie Park Winter Gardens hand in hand? It has the largest indoor gardens in Europe, complete with a bird collection. You could go on a whiskey trail, or visit Hazelhead Sculpture Park, which provides ample talking points for both of you.

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Dating in Aberdeen is so much easier than trying to find out where the best places are to go in another city. Evening activities are plentiful. Visit His Majesty's Theatre for a classy night out, or laugh your socks off at The Lemon Tree Comedy Club on West North Street. For the young at heart there are always clubs where you can dance the night away, or check out the live gigs at venues around town.